DNS Server

You can use this option to override system's DNS settings. Chute support DNS server and DoH (DNS-over-HTTP) service.

dns-server =,
doh-service = CloudFlare, Google, 1111

You can use keyword 'system' to append additional DNS servers to system's setting. (Duplicate servers will be ignored)

dns-server = system,,

Currently, there are 5 build in DoH services:

  • CloudFlare
  • Google
  • (1111)
  • SecureDNS
  • DNS.SB (dnssb)

You can also config your personal DoH service. For example, if you using https://dns.nextdns.io/xxxxxx as your NextDNS DoH endpoint, you can config like this:

doh-service = dns.nextdns.io/xxxxxx

Chute will automatically ignore all invalided DoH service without warning.

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